The 5 Habits that Help Keep Me Connected & Grounded


Between three business, two little ladies running around, two dogs, the dishes and laundry, and lets not even talk about the yard. Somedays I feel like superwoman, others I am not sure which way is up. I have come to hold these five practices as sacred. I feel more grounded and better equipped to rock this beautiful messy life of mine.

1. Meditate: EVERYDAY. Often this is five minutes out of my whole day and it might be with headphones on while Daniel Tiger is babysitting, I have no shame about claiming this give minutes any way I can get it. I use Mama the app of course (check out our meditations!) You might be a person that can sit quietly in a meditative state without anyone’s voice leading you any which way; I find that challenging and turn on a guided meditation most of the time.

2. Drink Water: Drink half your body weight in water. It is not only for weight loss but also it helps clear out toxins and all-in-all makes you feel better. I start the day with hot lemon water (1/4 of a lemon, scant teaspoon of honey, and boiling water), which helps with hydration and a vitamin-C boost. There is even research that shows that lemon can prevent damage to your live tissue!

3. Start with Smoothie: A green one is great, but purple or orange is good too. The fiber helps everything feel good and it makes you feel like you are doing something really healthy (which you are!) Check out our friends at Conscious Cleanse for some rocking green smoothie recipes

4. Probiotics: It is all the rage right now and for good reason. in capsules, kombucha, or through your food, get them any way you can. Gut health has been linked to mental health, which means the healthier your gut is, the healthier your mind! Why didn’t someone tell me this sooner?

5. Bedtime Routine: I really struggle with this one. Stop working, Facebooking, texting — anything electronic — one hour before bed. I try to put my phone in airplane mode, drink some warm almond milk, maybe talk to my wonderful hubby, and just enjoy the last moments of the day. Reading a great book or journaling are where I want to get to. Often I fall asleep long before any of those things happen and yet I continue to strive.

Take what works for you and leave the rest. Let us know what you are doing to stay healthy, grounded and connected.



Sahra Cahoon