Our Philosophy

We want to create a world where mamas can be connected deeply to themselves and to each other. To move beyond conversations of parenting styles and judgements and deeper into supporting the inner work of motherhood. Mamas change the world. Mamas protect and provide and are powerful. And yet, so many of us live just on the surface, just deep enough to get by every day, to survive. We manage tiredness, guilt, judgement from ourselves and others, trying to be perfect, trying to do it all, and trying to care for everyone else but ourselves.

What if we became the person we want our children to be? What if we mothered ourselves like we mother our children? What if we spoke to ourselves the way we speak to those we love?

Maven Mamas is a collective respite for women. We are a reminder that motherhood is life changing in the most important ways and that you are not alone on this journey. We deliver wisdom that reminds you... well, of you. That you need to be cared for and nurtured and empowered. Mothering starts within and becomes alchemical in our lives. We just want to be your friendly reminder to be present in it - even on the hardest days. 

our story

"Can't someone just make an app that reminds me that I'm doing a amazing job, that I'm a rock star, and that motherhood is hard and amazing at the same time, and it's ok to admit that???" 

This was the conception of Maven Mamas. Two exhausted, passionate, entrepreneurial mamas got together just to have coffee to catch up on life - and two weeks later the plans were coming together for an app to support mamas and remind them how beautiful, powerful and amazing they are. We floated the idea by a few friends and they said, yes, do it! And so we did.

We asked the mamas in our lives on Facebook and via text for the most important wisdom they received as a mama and we received over 150 responses. What we found interesting is that over half was focused on how to parent. And while we recognize the importance of practical advice, we relished in the universal wisdoms in the other half of the responses. Sage words under the umbrella of self care that called forth a deeper connection to self, greater compassion, letting go of perfect, learning to trust, and relying on our intuition. 


About Us

We are two mamas with four children, four dogs, 7 chickens and a kitten between us. Motherhood is a mixed bag of joys and challenges, tears and laughter and we've been able to share in it all with each other. 


Meet Christy

mcconnell_019 bw.jpg

I believe in connection. I believe in adventure, bliss, creativity, and the divine. I believe in love and laughter, messiness and motherhood, nature and nurturing. 

A nomad from an early age I grew up in too many places to count and met my husband in South Africa. Now based in Kansas City, I am the mother of two young boys that are so completely opposite in physicality, emotion and personality that they typically bring me to tears and laughter on a daily basis. I've battled guilt, unhelpful advice, anxiety, over googling, burnout. I've been a working mom and a stay at home mom, and now I'm a little bit of both. Learning to pause and connect to myself has been life changing for me - to actually trust that I have the answer within me instead of searching externally for an answer has empowered me along my journey into motherhood. My hope is that Maven Mamas empowers other mamas to connect to their inner wisdom, their inner maven, or as I like to call her your inner nomadess. 



Meet Sahra


I believe in simplicity. I believe in feelings and family, friendship and fidelity, forgiveness and fortitude. I believe in miracles, meditation, motherhood and making things.  

A California girl living at the base of the Rocky Mountains on our "mini-farm". I am the mother of 2 girls, one lives in our hearts and one here on earth. Our grief, our joy, it is all mixed together to make up this beautiful life we share. 

Being a mama is my greatest adventure, the most challenging thing that I have ever done and the most beautiful gift I have ever received.  The best piece of advice I have ever been given was to trust my intuition, that feeling in your belly, the little voice whispering in your ear is the wisest voice you will ever know.