Q&A with Zuzanna Buchwald

Can you tell us 3 things about you?
Fun fact: I used to be a synchronized swimmer.

Secret: Sometimes I feel sentimental for my wild days before becoming a mom.

Something that makes me proud: I’m on my way to becoming a certified meditation teacher and I just can't wait to share the practice that keep me sane and happy with others! 

What’s on your nightstand?
A big bottle of water, a book, and my basal thermometer (for the temperature method of contraception).

Favorite piece of wisdom that you’ve received as a mother?
Motherhood is a learning process. Be easy on yourself and on your baby, abandon perfectionism and remember that mastery only comes with time. Enjoy the journey of mutual learning!

What are you reading?
Currently "The Untethered Soul" by Michael A. Singer and "Whole Child / Whole Parent" by Polly Berrien Berends

What are you listening to (podcast, Spotify playlist)?
I made a playlist of songs that make me happy and help me unwind after long days of being a mommy :) https://soundcloud.com/zuzanna-buchwald/sets/soul-music (playlist on SoundCloud).

Your favorite place on earth?
My hometown in Poland, my home in Southampton and any empty, beautiful beach I can find. 


Tell us about your Wisdom in the Mama app?
Many spiritual traditions believe that souls of our kids chose their parents before they come to this life, so both the parents' and the child's soul can evolve. Whether you believe it or not, it is a nice reminder to be grateful for being the chosen ones to receive the deeper wisdom and growth of parenthood. For many, this is a change of perspective: if the souls are the leading forces in our relationships, we as parents are just the guides of the experience here on Earth. Like a good travel guide, we don't try to change the decisions of the traveler, we are just pointing out what to see and what to avoid during the journey. Whenever challenges arise, return to a place of self-love, self-care and work on your personal growth. Everyone around you will benefit from that. Let us guide (not change, manipulate or pressure...) our kids through the journey of life with self-love, ease, gentleness, acceptance and lots of gratitude!

How do you make time for you?
I had to learn how to ask for help. For a very independent person like me that always wants to do everything herself, it was NOT easy! Now I make sure that I do something just for myself every single day, even if its a very small act of self-kindness.

Do you believe in balance?
I believe that you can never be in perfect balance, but as long as you're balancing everything to the best of your ability, you will be okay.

How are you contributing to the mama-universe?  How do you empower mamas?
I try to show up for my mama friends as much as possible and support the mamas I don’t know as an active member of a few mama groups. 

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My name is Zuzanna; I'm 30, originally from Poland. I live in Southampton NY, with my fiancee and daughter Louisa. I’m a model, activist, mentor in the field of eating disorders, soon-to-be meditation teacher, open-minded adventurer, free-spirited nomad, plant eater and life lover. Although I was born on Friday the 13th under the astrological Scorpio, I consider myself very lucky. After living all over the world , I recently settled on a historic estate in Southampton, NY to give myself some space to mother, breathe and recover from the craziness of my 20s in nature. Now that my daughter is one I am ready to go out into the world again in service to others. I am in the process of being a certified meditation teacher and I would like to build my own mindfulness brand some time in the nearest future.

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