Self-Care Quickies for Busy Mamas


My jaw is clenched, my breath is shallow, and my eyes are heavy from exhaustion. The children are snug in bed asleep, and I am scrolling through a black hole of stranger’s pictures. I suddenly catch myself, stretch my mouth, and take a deep breath. I drag myself out of my social media trance and begin my self-care routine.

Before my second child was born, I would use my daughter as an excuse for why I was emotionally strained. But, if I was being honest, it is was lack of prioritizing myself and my needs. So, once that second babe joined our family, I made an intentional shift in my priorities. My family needed me to stop making excuses, and to start making the time for myself. It is not perfection, but that is what is so beautiful about my self-care journey. I have learned to embrace grace, and to take care of myself. Self-care allows me to show up for my family as the best version of myself both physically and mentally.  

If you are feeling burnt out, defeated, or like me, need a refresher every once in a while, I encourage you to take a look at our Self-Care Quickies for Mamas. Self-care is critical for our mental and physical wellbeing.

Download our Self-Care Quickie Guide, and (re)start at making YOU a priority.

Jessica Pena