Believe in Yourself Just A Little More


This wisdom was inspired by my own need to dig deep for the confidence and feel connected to the strength of the woman who walked before me.  We may not always feel like mother of the year, golly we might not even feel like a good mama somedays. The moments when all you feel is stuck or overwhelmed by all the pressure.  The days when you feel inadequate for this monumental job. Those are the days when you might want this little tidbit of wisdom: believe in yourself a little more. 

Joan of Arc said, “I am not afraid, I was born to do this.”  

It was a battle cry, a talisman of epic proportion.  Maybe it can be your battle cry on those days that motherhood feels like raging onto a battlefield.  

Mamas, I want to let you in on a few dirty little secrets of motherhood.  The first, no matter how amazing you are as a mom, no matter how much you love your child(ren) through and through, no matter how much yoga you practice; sometimes motherhood is a battlefield (kind of like love… i just couldn’t help it)

The second, no one knows what they are doing all of the time on this motherhood journey. Fake it ‘til you make it baby.  No joke.

The last, you are stronger than you know.  Deep within you there is a source of so much wisdom - a connection that streams from the incredible woman upon whose shoulders we stand and that strength is deeper, wider, stronger than you could ever imagine.  

Mamas, we are light seekers and we clean up poop from the walls when necessary. These two things are not mutually exclusive. YOU are a force of nature because you are you… because you are a mom.

Let Joan of Arc be your talisman. Believe in yourself just a little more. Embrace your perfectly imperfect motherhood journey.



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Extra Bonus Awesomeness: Our friends over at Swoon Jewelry Studios have a gorgeous necklace depicting Joan of Arc and this quote made in solid sterling silver and with lots of badass goodness.  In case you want a tangible talisman. 

strength necklace swoon.jpg

xo Sahra 

Sahra Cahoon