We can do hard things


You can do really, really hard things, mama.

Here's how I know that:

Because you already did!

Take a moment and reflect on the top three hardest challenges you've gone through in your life. Imagine what it felt like when you were in the thick of it, and how manageable it feels now. Maybe still emotional or painful, but way less sharp when you think about it.

Next, identify the key lessons and takeaways that you learned from these experiences.

I imagine that you will find that you have manifested some characteristics through your hardships that are considered virtuous:

Courage, patience, kindness, perseverance, tenacity, and most importantly a better sense of humor...(The laughs between moms are the BEST kind of laughs!)

I'm a firm believer that we need to call BS on the whole "happiness is a choice" myth. Yeah, dude, we get it--you got to be a guy in this life and thus never had to experience what it means to have a baby, aka a truck drive through your vagina, or tiny human lifted out of your belly, or go through an abortion or a miscarriage--good for you, but I'm not buying your " 8 Simple keys to happiness" book! Because, frankly, it does not apply.

It's time we OWN and start communicating what we have been through as women and mothers and start valuing the superhuman it has made of you--of us! (In fact, literally, every superhero movie from now on should just have a mom as the lead character!)

Because when we do, and I know this from the bottom of my heart, the world we live in will benefit and there will be ripple effects we can now only imagine.

Now, put on that red lipstick that's been in your drawer for the past year and show them who's boss.

Karna Liv Nau is a Swedish warrior mama of two. She focuses her work on empowering entrepreneurial women to find their voice so that they can impact the world through their unique style. You can learn more about Karna on her website and on Insta

Karna Liv Nau