Q&A with Caroline Zwickson

Can you tell us 3 things about you?
1. I am a mama to two wild, fun, generous boys and take a lot of pride in my efforts to raise great men.
2. As a teen, I thought Swedish boys were the coolest (I am from Germany but we always went skiing in Austria and there were all these cute Swedish snowboarders). When I was 27 I met my husband in California. Turns out he is Swedish and had just moved to the US a few months prior and loves snowboarding... sometimes our teen crushes do come true ;)
3. I am wild and adventurous at heart and love my freedom, which is why I am so happy that I have built a location independent business. Feeling like I can just take off with my family whenever I want, feels amazing to me.

What’s on your nightstand?
A photo of my husband and me on our honeymoon in Santorini (we look so well rested, tan and in love), a lamp that starts getting brighter 30 minutes before my alarm goes off (although I haven't used it in over 3 years because who needs an alarm when you have kids?!), my basal body thermometer so I can take my waking temperature, earplugs and whatever book I am reading. NOTE: this is what I would LIKE to have on my nightstand... most days my boys have "re-arranged" my nightstand in some interesting ways ;)

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Favorite piece of wisdom that you’ve received as a mother?
A friend told me one time that her mantra is "I will miss this" and it really works for me, too. It's so easy to think that things will be easier when XYZ happens, but that just takes you away from being with your kids and family now.

What are you reading?
I am finishing "Educated" by Tara Westover and then I am starting "Becoming" by Michelle Obama. And some nights I read a small chapter or do an exercise from Sonia Choquette's "Your Heart's Desire."

What are you listening to (podcast, Spotify playlist)?
I love Oprah's new podcast called Masterclass as well as the Heroine podcast. Music-wise, I listen to whatever magic my husband puts on. He's so great with music and will puts on a vast range of different music from classical to rock and pop... I just sneak in a little country here and there.

Your favorite place on earth?
Oh I don't think I can decide. Wherever my boys and my husband are, of course. But assuming they're with me, I do love being on the West Coast of Sweden, at my dad's house in Switzerland, or in Big Sur... I guess I really just love dramatic, strong nature -either in the mountains or on the ocean. I have a hard time in the dessert –I always feel so thirsty haha

Tell us about your Wisdom in the Mama app?
As a women's health and life coach who focuses on coaching mothers to feel fulfilled, complete and like they are not losing the woman behind the mom, the biggest wisdom I can share is to find ways to bring out your joy, to live fully and ditch the perfectionism that is making so many women so unhappy, to know exactly what you can control and what you cannot so you don't waste your energy, and to include play and pleasure into your every day life.

How do you make time for you?
I go on walks almost every day. Being outside and moving is key for my well-being. I even go outside when it rains and storms. They key for me is to do it early in the day, because my day gets busy and then I feel like I cannot leave my desk. That being said, I think one of the biggest skills we need to learn as moms (especially in the US) is to relax when our kids are present. I can still have time for myself even when my boys are there... of course, some days are harder than others, but that's my goal. I remind myself that our kids don't need intense entertainment and stimulation 24/7. It's ok to do something calm, at home or in the garden where we are all having a good, relaxed time. I don't need to play watch-dog or task-rabbit all day.

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Do you believe in balance?
100%!!!! It doesn't mean you have to be in balance every moment or even every day or even every week, but it means that you are aware of when you are off balance and know ways to bring your unique constitution back into balance!

How are you contributing to the mama-universe? How do you empower mamas?
I work as a health and life coach with moms both privately and through my group course, Well Mama, that I designed specifically for moms who want to take excellent care of their bodies while reclaiming the woman behind the mother. In that course I share a ton of information about how you can support your hormones and your body after having a baby, so that you mind and emotions aren't constantly in survival mode. I am shocked by how little women know about their hormonal health because it is so essential in order to thrive as a whole woman.

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Caroline Zwickson, M.A. is a Certified Women’s Health & Life Coach and the creator of the Well Mama program. She is a passionate mother who supports fellow moms in creating holistic and thriving health as they rediscover their identity as a woman and mother. Her focus is to help clients create optimal hormonal balance and discover true emotional well-being through functional nutrition, positive psychology, transformative life coaching tools, and lifestyle adjustments. With Caroline’s expertise and dedication, her clients discover what it truly means to flourish in motherhood and in life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Caroline earned her Master in Counseling Psychology and obtained her Health Coach Certification from The Integrative Women's Health Institute. She also completed an apprenticeship with Nicole Jardim, women's health and functional nutrition coach. Caroline currently lives with her husband and two sons in San Francisco. You can find out more about her at www.carolinezwickson.com and download her FREE guide "Reclaiming the woman behind the mother."


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