Everyday is a new day to make things better.

Tell us 3 things about yourself:

I love to dance.

I laugh out loud and cant help it.

Growing up my only dream was to become a mommy. No real career goals, just to be a great mom.

What’s on your nightstand?

A salt lamp, a coaster from a bar, a copy of Nurturing the Family: The Guide for Postpartum Doulas, and a post it from my son that says "I love you Mom"

Favorite piece of wisdom that you’ve received as a mother?

Making time for what makes you happy, is very important.

What are you reading?

I'm trying to get through Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth and Paul Coelho's The Alchemist, but its been a few months.

What are you listening to (podcast, Spotify playlist)?

Girl Boss Radio, Modern Love by the Times and Super Soul by Oprah. Favorite Station on Spotify has to be Totally 90's. It brings me back to a good place.

Your favorite place on earth?

Colombia. There's something about the earth there. The air, the smell, the people, the food, the music. It's beautiful. Haven't been there in over 15 years.

Tell us about your Wisdom in the Mama app?

I've been thinking about a Wisdom to share for a long time and I'm having a hard time picking just one. But I think as a young mother having learned to adapt to life with a child especially as a single mother I've learned that I have to keep on going. If I mess up or get out of character, which still happens and I have to catch myself, I apologize and keep it moving, " Everyday is a new day to make things better." Sometimes it’s not what you did or how you've been, but how you are now and what you do in the present that really matters.

How do you make time for you?

It's hard but I try to give myself 30 mins - 1 hour after I get out of work to unwind before I get home. Luckily my son gets picked up from school so he's safe at home with Grandma and now that he's older he knows that mom needs to be healthy and go to the gym a few days a week. When he was younger and I stayed home with him, I would put him to bed early and have a religious skin care routine. Nothing too crazy, but I took my time with washing my face, using a toner, moisturizing. Sometimes during the day when he napped, I would make myself a beautiful cappuccino and enjoy it hot while planning out my week. It's was great.

Do you believe in balance?

Absolutely with out it everything would be mayhem. I tell my son there is a time and a place for everything. There are days for fun and there are days for taking care of house work. There are days for getting things done and days for relaxing. There are days for eating well and days for pizza. Balance is key.

How are you contributing to the mama-universe?  How do you empower mamas?

I belong to a great community of Mama's called Mindr and although we often communicate though online portals and catch up during events I feel very connected to them. I make sure to support them via social media as much as I can be it with being a consumer, ambassador or just hype man. I personally look up to my village and check up on Mama's as much as I can. Especially those first time Mama's. I'm actually in the works of becoming a postpartum doula. I feel like its something so important for all women, and what better way to contribute to the Mama-universe than being a shoulder and hand to hold during motherhood. I'm excited for the journey and cant wait to be actively practicing. I also believe in the work and dedication of momtrepreneurs, so I use my own social media page to promote and bring light to the work they do.


Stephanie Reubino is the Founder, Tastemaker & Photographer at R E U B I N O + S E B A C I. She is a single millennial Mama in NYC, who started R + S as a safe space to share her journey through motherhood and for non-traditional families to connect inspired by her experience in raising a precocious wild child who goes by the name of Sebaçi. Wearing many hats is what she knows best and is currently venturing through full time work, passion projects while trying to balance life as a woman, mother and pursing a career as a postpartum doula.

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