Do What Works For You

It is so easy to get caught up in the parenting advice, the shoulds and the comparison of motherhood. The worry over statistics and percentages  - where our children fall on the scales. Then add in the time we spend trying to keep up the notion that motherhood is pretty and our children are well mannered and that there is never laundry piled so high on the end of our beds that you have to reach up to reach the top and it all just seems overwhelming.

We love what blogger Lisa Schmidt has to say in a recent Huff Post article about comparing ourselves to other mothers...  

We all know at least one of those perfect mothers. The mom who always seems oh so put together, whose kids are always well dressed, with a home that looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog, and her parties and projects are beyond Pinterest-worthy. She has the perfect life, right? 

I don’t know about you, but it sounds damn exhausting to me! The reason living in perfection sounds exhausting, is because it is exhausting. It’s also a highly unrealistic expectation for your life.  (Read the full article here.)

You've got to do what's best for you. In those moments you start to get wrapped up in the perfection of it all and anxious about not "keeping up". Remind yourself that you are living this life, you are in the beautiful mess of it all, and you have to do what works for you!

- mama