Where It All Began


We are mamas, friends, and women, we have college degrees and own our businesses – how can this mama thing be so hard? With one text exchange during one of those calamities that occurs in a home with kids, during dinner time, after a work day, while your hubby is out of town…

 “you are a rock star!”

“can you just live in my phone?”

This is where Maven Mamas was born. These two passionate, entrepreneurial and exhausted mamas got together and had coffee to talk about the little voice they wished could remind them when the days are tough that they are amazing.

Well a couple weeks later after a little bit of market research and a few conversations that went something like… Yes! Do it. – Please do it! – I want that!! And here we are!  We did it!  From there we put out the call asking our friends and family, our villages which make parenting possible for their wisdoms. We received so much beautiful wisdom. Self-care, compassion, empathy, trusting your intuition and learning to let go.

There is universal truth in motherhood no matter what type of mother you are or where you are in your motherhood journey.

Creating a pause in your day.  Delivering truth and sharing wisdom.  Because just like you, we are mamas and in the midst of the joy our mothering journey has hard times too, the good and the bad, the beautiful and the crazy making.  Each journey is unique and thankfully we are all in it together.  We see you mama, we see the amazing job that you are doing and how challenging this will journey can be. We are in with you.  Thank you for letting us travel this road with you.

xo mama